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Citizens Policing Project


CPP is comprised of ‘experts’ so to speak, who have employed diverse tactics in different parts of the City and have gained comprehensive knowledge of what has been proven to be of benefit to the process as well as tactics and Initiatives that have proved, frivolous or unfruitful. The members of the CPP will act merely as Consultants and will serve in a capacity of advisor to the local organizations and general population. They will serve as facilitators in the initial gatherings, but will fall into a supportive role as indigenous leadership emerges, and will encourage residents to spearhead all efforts as well become voices in their communities to help quell the fears of retaliation and reprisal

Ray C. Kelly, Executive Director

   A lifelong resident of West Baltimore and a seasoned community organizer who is internationally recognized for working for social and restorative justice, better community and police relations, as well as legislative reform with the residents of Baltimore City. He also serves as Chair of the Pastoral Council and Executive Committee at St. Peter Claver Catholic Church in Sandtown where he was baptized in 1973.

Since 2001, Ray has served as a Steward to the residents of the many communities that surround Baltimore's Pennsylvania Avenue corridor. As CEO of the No Boundaries Coalition, he was also the driving force behind forming the West Baltimore Community Commission on Police Misconduct, whose report, ”Over Policed, Yet Underserved, The Peoples findings…” received international recognition, referenced multiple times in the DOJ’s findings Report and presented to a United Nations Special Repertoire.

Ray, along with members of the Statewide Collaborative CJSJ (Campaign for Justice, Safety and Jobs) partnered with the DOJ Civil Rights Division to conduct “The People’s Decree Summit”, where almost 100 residents, 13 organizations, and 11 representatives from the DOJ gathered in St. Peter Claver Hall to fine-tune recommendations on how their neighborhoods should be policed, that document, The People’s Decree of Central West Baltimore was reflected in the Consent Decree and continues to frame and influence the new era of policing for Baltimore City and many others around the Country. Most recently Ray was appointed by Mayor Catherine Pugh and served as chair of the Community Oversight Task Force, mandated by the Consent Decree to review the current mechanism of Civilian oversight of BPD and draft recommendations to the courts on how it could and should be strengthened.

After the signing of the Decree Ray was appointed Lead Community Liaison for the court-appointed Monitoring Team and served in that post for two and a half years and was recently appointed by Mayor Brandon Scott to serve on the Local Control Advisory Board, tasked with creating a path to return control of the Baltimore Police Department to the City after 160 years of state control

Donna D. Brown, Project Manager

Native of Baltimore and a mother of two children has always worked as an advocate around those issues that have directly impacted her life and community since she was a teenager. Through volunteering, a​s a parent in support of public schools, as a minister through her church and as a community member and leader. Using her nearly 20 years of experience working with not-for-profit organizations, started her own organization, to affect change in the city of Baltimore through the lens of her experience of living and working in some of the city’s most distressed communities. As an advocate and organizer, Donna fully committed her time and efforts to focus on social justice issues to include youth incarceration, support and outreach for re-entering citizens, violence against women, prison reform, affordable housing, urban renewal, public safety, systemic racism and health disparities.

Donna has worked as an advocate in support of women who were/are victims of domestic violence and sexual assault, which led to her working with incarcerated women and men. This work led to activism and social engagement to effect public policy and legislation to address issues for victims as well as violators. Exposure to the prison system led her to partner with organizations and attorneys to address rights of prisoners as well as prison reform. Donna has also worked within Maryland detention centers and prison complexes through pre-release programs to foster the transition from incarceration. Donna’s most impassioned work was born out of her engagement with incarcerated youth, charged as adults, which sparked her advocacy for juvenile justice. She has also worked as a Chaplain within the Baltimore Police Department to strengthen relationship between police officers and communities. Also, in collaboration with a group of faith leaders, Donna advocates for minority inclusion in health care treatment and research using the nuances of Precision Medicine.

As a result of working as a community partner and member of CJSJ, Donna joined the No Boundaries Coalition in 2015 to further support the work of police reform. Donna also represented the Empowerment Temple as a minister and organizational leader in the collaboration with Campaign for Justice, Safety and Jobs (CJSJ). Donna has continued to support the public safety initiatives of the Coalition and has been personally and professionally committed influencing the work to assure the desired outcomes of the Consent Decree. Donna also currently serves as Co-Chair of the Domestic Violence Committee of the Baltimore City Women's Commission.

Christen N. Kelly

Youth Coordinator

Christen Kelly, is a sophomore at the University of Maryland Eastern

Shore, majoring in psychology. She plans to obtain her doctorate degree in

psychology and become a psychiatrist. She wants to give back to her community in any way she can. Christen became a part of Beyond Youth Organizing in 2019, during the drafting of Baltimore's first youth interrogations policy. After being a part of this project she learned more about the communities and how the police act and interact with the youth of these communities. She then moved to work on the Defund the Police policy. 

“The BYO program has given me a chance to voice my thoughts and opinions on how I believe our communities should be and also how the police should interact and treat citizens whenever they have an encounter with them. BYO has also shown me that there are many people fighting for the same thing as me, this made me want to continue to work with BYO because I want to see change and help as much as possible to make the change happen,” says Christen.

 Christen was the voice for BYO in the Youth Diversion Assessment, during Youth justice action month. After three years of working with Beyond Youth Organizing Christen is now the youth coordinator directly supervising and helping the new BYO advocates with upcoming engagements,

programs,and the curriculum of Beyond Youth Organizing.


due to the surge in coronavirus infection, January's opportUNITY Ave event is canceled, hopefully, we can resume in a safer February

Partners for the Triangle

opportUNITY Ave.


third Thursday

12 pm - 3 pm

1401 N. Carey Street

Returning February 2022