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Citizens Policing Project

B​eyond  Youth Organizing

TRAINED and ORGANIZED youth advocates, leading and engaging in the processes that require a youth voice throughout Baltimore City. WE boast our commitment to inform and influence all processes and policies that WE feel will impact the future of our respective inner-city communities.

with Mayor Brandon M. Scott

BYO youth Canvassing at "Heal the HOOD 2"

Have a story to tell?

  The BYO youth advocates are out on the street trying to collect stories from EVERYONE and from EVERY corner of the City. Great conversations with a strong group of future leaders from Mentoring Male Teens in the Hood, Concerned neighbors in the Coldstream and McElderry Park neighborhoods, as well as many Baltimore residents at the 'Heal the Hood 2' Ceasefire Weekend event in Harlem Park.

 Want to ensure your community has an influential voice in the reimagining of public safety in Baltimore City?

Contact the CPP to schedule an interview or schedule our youth canvassers to attend your event


[email protected]


due to the surge in coronavirus infection, January's opportUNITY Ave event is canceled, hopefully, we can resume in a safer February

Partners for the Triangle

opportUNITY Ave.


third Thursday

12 pm - 3 pm

1401 N. Carey Street

Returning February 2022